Skilled nursing

Skilled Nursing & Specialized Care

Our goal is to restore you to health in the most comfortable way possible.

Crossroads Care Center skilled nursing care is designed to meet the physical and emotional needs of individuals with illnesses and disabilities or who cannot care for themselves. Whether you or a loved one are looking to recover after a surgery or illness or whether you need a little support giving care, Crossroads can offer professional clinical care with all the comfort and warmth of a home. Crossroads is committed to creating an atmosphere of compassionate care.

Crossroads Care Center provides the following nursing services:

Great Nursing Home Accomodations

Sub-acute / skilled nursing care

Our compassionate nursing staff have excellent clinical skills necessary to care for a wide variety of medical issues.

Great Nursing Home Accomodations

Short-term respite

We can provide caregivers a temporary break while giving them confidence that their loved ones will receive the highest level of care in a safe and secure environment.

Great Nursing Home Accomodations

Nurse Practitioners

Our nurse practitioners communicate regularly with physicians and nurses to ensure patients receive stellar care and avoid unnecessary hospitalization.

Great Nursing Home Accomodations

Hospice service coordination

Our dedicated staff can arrange palliative care to help ease the pain and reduce the severity of symptoms of the terminally ill.

Great Nursing Home Accomodations

IV Therapy

Our licensed nurses are specifically trained in administering IV therapies allowing us to deliver medication or nutrition at all times of the day.