Rehabilitation therapy
Short term rehab

Individualized rehab designed to get you home

The goal of Crossroad Care Center’s Rehab program is to help the resident recover quickly and return home. To facilitate this recovery, our skilled and licensed rehabilitation team creates an individualized rehab plan for each resident, designed to maximize their abilities and reach their rehabilitative goals safely and successfully – ultimately returning home from our health care center with the greatest amount of independence.

Short Term Rehab

Short term rehabilitative therapy is provided in our modern, state of the art therapy room and gym. Residents can receive physical, occupational and speech therapy seven days a week from our compassionate, skilled and experienced therapists. This intensive therapy allows the resident to get back to their previous level of functioning and independence as quickly as possible.


Rehab Therapy Services

  • State of the art therapy room and gym
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • Therapy offered six days a week
  • Compassionate, skilled, and experienced therapists